We improve for Your excellence

06 October 2016

Vito Rimoldi Ruspi Division operates using proven in use and consolidated methodologies coming from many years of experience to guarantee the customer's expected products performances. This is possible considering that the manufacturing process of components, working in heavy stress conditions, is the “secret” of their long life durability and proper functionality.

Now we want more to have our customers just satisfied, we want to help them in achieving the excellence improving at first the result of our work. In this way the final product will also improve as the leaves valve and reed valves are the “pulsing heart” of the compressor.

We strongly believe in a continuous improvement and that’s why we know the processes become more repeatable when the machines and the tools are more precise and the methods are very accurate looking the details. For this reason, applying techniques as lean production, we are reviewing every single production step reducing their complexity and improving the control. We have also introduced additional checks to clearly identify the topics to consider in reducing the process variability below the required tolerances for every interesting aspect like the geometrical tolerances and the components mechanical properties.

To support the manufacturing activities some software tools for the planning and internal logistic have been developed, they will help the on time delivery and reduce the lead time for customer satisfaction.