It allows cutting a wide range of materials, using only a very high-pressure water jet (up to 6000 bar).

What is waterjet

It is a Cutting technology, listed as "unconventional", that allows cutting a wide range of materials, using only very high-pressure water jet (up to 6000 bar).

Because of its characteristics, this technology can be used in all industrial sectors (steel, rubber, textiles and food processing industries, to name but a few).  According to the materials to be processed, it can be classified as AWj (cutting with water and abrasive) or Wj (cutting with pure water).

It is especially useful in the field of rubber or expanded material processing, as this technology does not generate any heat and the mechanical stress the workpiece is subjected to is very limited.

Water-Jet is a very flexible technology, capable of cutting sheets or plates of materials starting from the computer drawing, without any need for dedicated equipment.

The quantity is not a decisive factor:  it is in fact possible to cut one piece or millions of pieces, with accuracy and repeatability.

What Vito Rimoldi does using waterjet

In the early Nineties, our company was one of the first in Italy to use a machine with waterjet technology to produce gaskets and technical items. Since then, we have increasingly specialised in cutting flexible materials with pure water.

This technology allows us to make cuts from drawings using flat asbestos-free materials and rubber for gaskets. It is also used for the production of technical items made of expanded rubber or resins, plastic, insulation materials and anti-vibration materials.

For some specific projects, we have developed one-of-a-kind, special Water-Jet equipment and machines able to guarantee large production volumes (several million pieces per month).