These are soft gaskets used in industrial gearmotors, which are mechanical systems that provide for the transmission of power, modulating it as needed.

Gearmotors have a wide number of applications in every industrial sector.

The sealing system of gearmotors

The metal boxes containing the gearmotors are characterized by an irregular shape because in most cases they are built on a base of the gears and components they must seat.

The sealing system of these applications is often characterized by wide or irregular bolt spacing, easily deformed structural parts, and minimal surface pressures.

In addition to this, the repeated movements of the gearmotors tend to cause micro-slippage of the flanges, which can result in the gasket’s deformation or breakage.

These harsh operating conditions have prompted designers to accept sealing systems that have some or minimal leakage between the flanges or to choose more expensive sealing systems.

Application analysis

Our technical department has analyzed the demands of gaskets in transmissions, studying elements like the surface roughness of flanges and covers, bolt spacing, the deformability of the components, etc.

This work, accompanied by a number of experimental tests, has led us to identify a Frenzelit material that perfectly meets the needs of these applications.

Frenzelit material

novapress® 850

Why buy from us

  • Our partnership with Frenzelit GmbH ensures that we can offer state-of-the-art materials obtained from high-quality raw materials.
  • We provide professional technical support in the choice of material and shape, and we provide support during experimental tests.
  • We are experts in water-jet and blanking technology.
  • We are committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of our production processes thanks to the use of renewable energy.