They are made of composite material, consisting of a thin steel insert covered on both sides by an elastomeric coating. They are blanked and deep drawn using a sequential stamping process.

The preformed coining ensures that the metal gasket adapts to the sealing surfaces. The special elastomeric coating applied onto the metal surface ensures the micro-sealing of the gasket.

They are used in applications with small contact surfaces, unfavorable geometry, low loads of the fixing screws and demanding conditions. In particular, they are used in the industrial sector for compressors, gearboxes, pumps and, in the automotive sector, for engines, exhaust systems, water pumps, petrol pumps, heat exchangers.

Why buy from us

  • We guarantee a qualified technical support service from the development stage to the industrialisation of the product.
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  • We design and manufacture the dies, ensuring that they are optimized for each application in terms of dimensional accuracy and efficiency in the use of the raw material.
  • When necessary, we develop high-efficiency and high-productivity machines and processes for large-series products and guarantee unrivalled precision, accuracy and repeatability.
  • We track the full productive cycle of materials, processes, in-line checks providing the Customer with the information in a few hours, when requested.
  • We can pack finished products using methods and in quantities that are suitable for use with automatic assembly machines.