Thank to asbestos-free materials certified by our partner Frenzelit GmbH, we have been able to develop sealing solutions for the hydrogen generation and distribution industry.

A management challenge

Green hydrogen is a key component of the energy transition because it can serve as a substitute for conventional energy sources, providing fuel for engines, for fuel cells, or for power-to-X processes (e.g., chemical compounds or fuel conversion processes).

At the same time, it’s difficult to manage hydrogen due to its reduced mass and molecular dimensions, requiring extremely efficient sealing solutions. Hydrogen transportation and transformation require a guarantee that pipelines, tanks, and connections will exhibit the highest level of sealing performance.

Due to its very high flammability and high chemical reactivity, hydrogen products are always subject to an explosion risk, so specific considerations relating to materials and the engineering play a key role.

Fuel cells and electrolyzers: the material for each application

In a fuel cell, the chemical energy generated by the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen is converted into electrical energy and water. The gaskets need to be positioned both on the gas transport lines and between the stacks to avoid electrolyte leakage. Moreover, in some places, the gaskets must guarantee thermal and electrical insulation, while in others they must guarantee conductivity.

In an electrolyzer, however, an electrical impulse is used to produce hydrogen and oxygen. In this case, the sealing of the two gases but also of the electrolytes must be managed, which can be more or less aggressive depending on the type of electrolyzation under consideration.

Complementary to the production processes, there are also issues relating to the storage and distribution of hydrogen, which require high performance materials with respect to both pressure and temperature.

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Why buy from us

  • VR has hired professional figures specialized in the research and study of materials, who work in close collaboration with some of our qualified suppliers.
  • Our partnership with Frenzelit GmbH allows us to be always updated on the evolution of the materials on the market.
  • Thanks to our VRLab we guarantee support in the engineering and material choice phases, with experimental trials and joint checks.