As a distributor for Italy of Frenzelit GmbH, we are able to offer a wide variety of gaskets in soft materials: high quality fiber gaskets, graphite gaskets, high-temperatures mica gaskets and PTFE gaskets. Furthermore, our offer includes gaskets with silk-screen printing, metal gaskets and textile gasket solutions.

Analysis and design

Our technical department is at your disposal to analyse the behaviour of the gaskets under operating conditions.

All elements of the sealing system, such as shape and roughness of the flange surfaces, pressure, temperature, fluids, etc, must be analyzed to ensure a successfull gasket installation.

We perform tightening tests using special sensitive films (Fuji Prescale) which, with the help of an analysis software, allow us to detect the pressure exerted on every small portion of the contact area.

Customized products

We use the information collected from our customers to make tests and trials. We propose customized solutions, with no size, shape or quantity constraints.

Our multi-head water jet cutting machines guarantee fast and flexible prototyping, together with high efficiency in the production of small and medium series.

Block dies, progressive dies and dedicated blanking lines ensure high productivity in the production of large batches.

Choosing the most suitable material for an applications means to evaluate factors such as the fluid to be retained, the working temperature and the internal pressure.

Frenzelit diversified materials have special characteristics that are well suited to:

  • Low surface pressure.
  • Temperature increase and clamping loads variations.
  • Bolted flanges subjected to high temperatures and torsional loads during installation.

Frenzelit materials







Why buy from us

  • As exclusive distributor for Italy of Frenzelit GmbH, worldwide leader in the production of state-of-the-art asbestos-free gasket materials, we offer products of excellent quality, capable of ensuring high levels of performance.
  • We guarantee a professional technical support service from the development stage to the industrialisation of the product.
  • We have the best technologies, whether it is for the production of large and very large series, or for the production of small and very small batches. Dies and blanking lines are personalized according to the application. Our modern multi-head water jet cutting machines guarantee remarkable productivity and short lead times.
  • We guarantee extremely fast prototyping and supply of small pre-series.