novapress® 850 e 880

novapress® products are state-of-the-art gasket sheets manufactured using the calendering process.

The innovative Gasket Code Technology permits to identify the material with 100% assurance even after the first punching or cutting operation.

Each batch of raw material has a unique ID number, a permanent “fingerprint” that not only identifies the material, but also provides information about the production batch.

This makes novapress® 850 and 880 suitable for Industry 4.0 applications and for applications which require transparency of all plant components.

novapress® 850 combines the positive properties of fiber and elastomer gaskets: it has excellent adaptability and high mechanical stability.

It is superior to conventional elastomer gaskets in terms of chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in oils, fuels and refrigerants, in food industry, drinking water and gas plants applications.

It is the perfect solution for applications with inconsistently distributed surface pressure due to spaced screws, and with irregular and/or easily deformed structural parts.

novapress® 880 stands out for its excellent adaptability to flange uneveness: it performs three times better than conventional materials.

Thanks to an optimized material composition, proven properties such as media resistance and mechanical stability under temperature stress are combined with high adaptability.

novapress® 880 is also a perfect material for designs that comply with VDI 2290 TA Luft suitability, the German Clean Air Act.

Practically all plants in modern process industry must satisfy the requirements of TA Luft.