The VR Lab was created as part of Vito Rimoldi's ongoing commitment to research and development. Faced with a world that keeps changing and evolving, it is our intention that the VR Lab do the same.

The activities of the VR Lab follow two main paths:

  • customer-oriented development (through the optimization of production processes and other initiatives)
  • external research and training activities through excellence partnerships.

These two areas intersect with and complement each other.

The aim of the VR Lab is to improve the quality of our products and processes, including by the opening of new fields of inquiry. For this reason, the company has grown and continues to grow its practice of turning to external partners who are able to support our initiatives and to provide scientific answers to emerging issues. 

The new knowledge and skills we acquire in the VR Lab, accompanied by the insourcing of innovative machinery and processes, become the basis for a further impetus of improvement.

Vito Rimoldi's approach to research and development creates a virtuous circle involving customers, suppliers, research institutions, and universities, always with the aim of responding with professionalism and competence to the challenges that arise in our industry every day.