Vito Rimoldi announces Ruspi's acquisition

Ownership transfer is completed

29 December 2016

After two years of business unit lease Vito Rimoldi S.p.A. is pleased to announce that on the 28th December 2016 it has agreed to acquire Ruspi Umberto S.r.l.

The relevant milestones in this period have been: the strong capital expenditure in improving the quality of our production plant, the development of new studies on valve leaves residual stresses and the new laboratory instrumentation. In particular we work now with three new high speed punching presses (Bruderer BSTA 25 UL, Bruderer BSTA 510-110 and Yamada Dobby NXT-40), the new tumbling machines to increase efficiency and the advanced D8 (XRD) diffractometer machine.

These efforts have been made to better service our customers improving  the process, knowledge and skill. We can meet all the needs for special materials, top accuracy and best quality.