It is a technological process used by Vito Rimoldi SpA for processing Asbestos-free, expanded graphite, metal, rubber and other materials from which gaskets are obtained.

The combined use of dies that were designed and manufactured for this purpose, with punching presses equipped with proper tools for feeding and unloading opeartions, allows the use of raw materials available in rolls or sheets. Automatic systems have been developed for special applications which allow obtaining gaskets that are checked, counted and packed, directly on the production line.

Even more complex blanking lines allow us to produce gaskets whose thickness is measured under load and marked by laser printers. Each gasket is automatically collected on dedicated pallets: once the set amount has been reached, it is packed in-line.

More than eighty years of history in the field of gaskets allow us to offer our Customers all our experience and enable them to choose the most suitable materials to meet every need, also thanks to the support of suppliers, selected over the years and recognized internationally for their reliability and competence.

What we do with this technology

What we do with this technology

We apply the special and non-metallic material blanking technology to gaskets for the industrial sector, where high productive volumes and quality standards are a stringent requirement. We supply leading companies in the production of die-cast aluminimum radiators, refrigeration compressors, air compressors, gear motors, burners, refrigeration appliances and fluid seal and control in general. We are also active in the automotive sector, producing gaskets for water pumps and gas systems.

Our added value

What we can offer can be summarised in four main points:

  • Knowledge of materials
  • Technical support
  • Knowledge of the blanking process
  • Ability to customise the blanking lines


Knowledge of materials
Each material has its own peculiarities and reacts differently during processing. This forces the technical department to pay close attention to Customers' requests during the development stage of the project, so that we can offer the best technical solution. Defining the most appropriate material for the required gasket, the most correct geometry and the most appropriate dimensional tolerances are fundamental aspects that influence the decision on the type of die to be made and consequently on its economic value.

Technical support
Vito Rimoldi SpA has developed this process mainly for the production of industrial gaskets. The choice of the most suitable material to meet the needs of the Customer is the first and foremost aspect we look into, followed by the development of the dies and of the correct production process. Our company has been on the market since 1940 and has always worked with leading international suppliers.

Knowledge of the blanking process
In-depth knowledge of special and non-metallic blaking means that we can manage the process, paying special attention to the most critical aspects, such as the dimensional tolerances or the cut flaws, according to the different materials to be processed. Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate and reduce the number of problems that may be encountered when developing new products and preserving their quality.

Ability to customise the blanking lines
The manufacture of blanking lines according to the materials used and their shape, has led us to create customised lines to meet the production needs of our Customers. The collaboration with the Customer in this case has proved to be a fundamental element, allowing us to provide a more efficient service.