We invest today on tomorrow's success

Despite years of unfavourable economic trend, the company has never stopped investing in technology and innovation of materials and processes: this may be perceived as being unconventional, especially when the only way to compete in the market seems to be offering the lowest price.

Laboratory tests

We have a laboratory equipped for conducting measurements and tests on materials such as dimensional, shape, roughness, hardness, density, elasticity, residual stress, compressive deformations-force characterization measurements.

For gaskets, we can reproduce the working conditions to measure the stress distribution, so as to assess the correctness of dimensioning and of fastening systems (including number, location and tightening torque of the screws), and to measure the level of sealing to highlight any leakage or permeability in the sealing system.

Sensors on dies

For high-speed blanking processes, obtained with progressive dies, special sensors able to detect process abnormalities step by step are used and the position of the moving parts is continuously measured. We analyze the spectrum of the generated noise, identifying variations caused by unwanted changes. We detect the blanking stress on each column of the punching press and directly on the die so as to verify that the steel strip moves forward correctly and swarf is properly evacuated. This approach allows us to improve the repeatability of operations and the compliance of the products with the specifications.

Research in collaboration with manufacturers of materials

For many of our products, we have developed new materials for new and/or specific applications. This was made possible thanks to the partnership with leading raw materials manufacturers, with whom we collaborate to define the technical specifications and as well as during experimental verification and validation.

Supporting design and product engineering

Thanks to the technical background and experience accumulated over time, we can support our Customers and suggest the most suitable technical solutions and the most appropriate materials.

Starting from the engineering and project definition stage, the Customer is supported with joint verifications and experimental tests.

We work independently to industrialise our products, and develop specific processes, which may include new machinery as well as production and control methods.

Optimization of materials

Thanks to the partnership that we have established with the leading raw materials manufacturers, we are able to support Customers by offering the most suitable material for their application, chosen from our wide range, trying where possible to optimize the materials used to enhance their technical characteristics.

Support during the experimental stage

When it is possible to reproduce the operating conditions of the developed product, we conduct functional and performance checks in our laboratory, before any test performed by the Customer.

In the event that the experimental tests may be effectively carried out only at the Customer's, our technicians are available to support this test phase at the Customer's headquarters, and we can provide any specific equipment.

Development of new production lines

During the industrialization stage of our products, our aim is to ensure the highest quality and at the same time help to optimize production efficiency and the efficiency of the raw materials. We work independently to industrialise our products, and develop specific processes, which may include new machinery as well as production and control methods.

Collaborations with assembly system manufacturers

When defining a new product or replacing part of such products, the interaction between the existing and the new assembly systems is of paramount importance.

To ensure that our products are efficiently assembled, our Customers often involve us and the assembly system manufacturers so that we can work together to identify and solve any potential problem.