Made with elastomers or closed or semi-closed cell flexible expanded synthetic resins. They come in different shapes and sizes, are made of materials having different density and characteristics according to the application required by the Customer.

Depending on the properties, they may be used in braking systems (for example in the furniture sector), for vibration dampening (for example in the household appliace sectors) or as shock absorbers.

Why buy from us

  • We use only the best materials provided by qualified suppliers who are leaders in their sector
  • Thanks to a commercial agreement with the Company BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, Vito Rimoldi can distribute and convert Cellasto® a special expanded polyurethane normally used for elastic elements, damping, anti-vibration and stoppers. We manufacture Cellasto® components, obtained from sheets, using cutting technology with very high pressure water-jet machine.
  • We guarantee a qualified technical support service from the development stage to the industrialisation of the product.
  • When necessary, we develop high-efficiency and high-productivity machines and tools for mass production and guarantee unrivalled precision, accuracy and repeatability.
  • When the Customer's requirements demand very high-quality levels, we can validate all our products using automatic quality check machines.