Reed valves, flapper valves, leaf valves and valve retainers are commonly used in refrigeration compressors in the civil, industrial and automotive sectors. They are mechanically critical components that define the characteristics and the quality of a compressor, which are very demanding in terms of dimensional tolerances, roughness, impact and fatigue resistance. Their main characteristic is the ability to withstand stress created by repeated bending without breaking.

The dimensional and mechanical characteristics requested by the Customers are obtained thanks to the use of particular materials and of specially-developed production technologies. As for materials, the flapper valves and the reed valves are obtained from very thin ribbons of tempered steel, developed specifically for this application and supplied only by a limited number of qualified manufacturers worldwide; carbon steels or stainless steels are used, depending on Customers' requirements.

For this reason, we do not just blank metal, but we control all the factors that affect the life expectancy of the reed valve, that is several billions of cycles. These factors include geometry (for correct assembly and coupling during operation), flaws on the surface of the materials (scratches, roughness, impurities), applied and residual stress, temperature changes, bending, twisting and impacts. Last but not least, chemical aggression, including corrosion.

The need to improve the efficiency of the compressors requires minimizing the width of gaps between the moving and fixed parts of the reed valves: only refined blanking and finishing techniques allow containing the distances within a few tenths of a millimeters.

Why we stand out from the rest

  • Process aspects receive the same painstaiking care to guarantee quality and repeatability, pursuing production excellence and paying close attention to the fine details.
  • We use the best materials available on the market that are certified by the manufacturer who states the physical qualities and the composition for each lot.
  • We take care of dies design and manufacturing, ensuring they are optimized for each application in terms of dimensional accuracy and efficiency in the use of the raw materials.
  • We have invested in and use totally reliable and accurate punching presses, by Bruderer and Dobby Yamada.
  • We define and make finishing cycles according to Customer's specification: thanks to studies, experiments and our experience we are able to ensure that each cycle perfectly fits each product.
  • We monitor quality all along the production line; at the end of each production stage, we register the data collected and keep them so as to ensure quality and statistical analysis accuracy.
  • On request of the final user, we check 100% of pieces against the critical requirements.
  • . We can package finished products using custom solution and in the quantities suitable for automatic assembly machines.
  • We run internal audits and checks agreed with the Customer to provide "free pass" deliveries (documentation included).
  • We track the full productive cycle of materials, processes, in-line checks and operators authorised to carry out the activities, providing the Customer with the information, when requested.
  • Thanks to our innovative cutting solutions and to the possibility of carrying out surface treatments in our premises, we guarantee extremely fast prototyping and supply of small pre-series.
  • We work with our Customers to optimize the specification requirements of the component so as to improve their features and their performance, in terms of duration and efficiency.