Soft gaskets are flat industrial seals, characterized by an endless variety of geometric shapes and sizes, made from sheet or from ribbon of constant thickness.
They are produced using a large variety of materials: asbestos-free plastic composite, graphite, compact or foam elastomers and other special materials, according to the needs and specifications of Customers.
They are intended for industrial use, especially for original equipment, but also for maintenance operations and spare parts.

A special case: gaskets for radiators

A special case: gaskets for radiators

Designed for water or diathermic oil die-cast aluminium radiators, both conventional and bi-metallic, these gaskets offer excellent versatility.

They guarantee a microleak-free sealing, thanks to the right mixture of high density, stable and flexible materials, which makes fitting the gasket easy and ensures adaptability to irregular surfaces.

They ensure the ideal tightening load even after anaphoresis painting cycles.

Why buy from us

  • We have the best technologies, whether it is for the production of large and very large series, or for the production of small and very small batches. Dies and blanking lines are personalized according to the application: from the design to the finished part, the modern multi-head water jet cutting machines guarantee remarkable productivity and short lead times.
  • We buy only the best materials from qualified suppliers who are leaders in their sector.
  • As exclusive distributor for Italy of Frenzelit-Werke GmbH, worldwide leader in the production of sealing materials for asbestos-free gaskets, we can offer components using high quality materials, so to make the difference during the application itself.
  • We guarantee a professional technical support service from the development stage to the industrialisation of the product.
  • We guarantee extremely fast prototyping and supply of small pre-series.
  • We can pack finished products using methods and in quantities that are suitable for use with automatic assembly machines.