These soft gaskets are produced in various sizes and shapes, and are made of  materials derived from paper technology (cellulose-based and synthetic rubber). They are used for high-efficiency air-tight compressors typically installed in household refrigerators and freezers.

Each hermetic compressor is fitted with 3 types of soft gaskets:

Valve plate gaskets.
They are very important because, in addition to guaranteeing the seal, they are used to optimize the volume of the compressor chamber, minimizing the effect of the tolerances of the mechanical parts; they are classified according to their thickness, measured by applying an established load for a preset time, as agreed with the Customer. Each of these gasket features a barcode that indicates the exact value of its thickness (measured under load) and an alphanumeric code that indicates its classification, according to Customer's specifications. The marking is made with laser, without the use of inks.

Cylinder head gaskets.
They are located under the head of the compressor and can withstand the most demanding thermal and mechanical stress.

Muffle gaskets.
They are cylindrical washers (rarely oval or square) and are used to seal gasses in the muffler circuit; sometimes more than one is used at a time.

Why we stand out from the rest

  • We guarantee a qualified technical support service from the development stage to the industrialisation of the product.
  • We use the best materials available on the market that are certified by the manufacturer who states the physical and dimensional qualities for each lot.
  • When necessary, we develop high-efficiency and high-productivity machines and processes for large-series products and guarantee unrivalled precision, accuracy and repeatability.
  • We monitor quality all along the production line; at the end of each production stage, we register the data collected and keep them so as to ensure quality and statistical analysis accuracy.
  • We track the full productive cycle of materials, processes, in-line checks  providing the Customer with the information in a few hours, when requested.
  • We can package finished products using custom solution and in quantities suitable for automatic assembly lines.