The collaboration with the social cooperative

The encounter between Vito Rimoldi S.p.A. and Solidarietà e Servizi offered the chance to explore new production opportunities. It becomes clear that if the machine adapts to humans, it can become a tool to foster talent.

The cooperation started in 2004, with a simple job: packaging gaskets for a specific sector.

The following year, Vito Rimoldi S.p.A. and Solidarietà e Servizi looked into the possibility of allowing the cooperative to handle the production of this type of gasket.  Our company undertook the task of re-thinking the entire production process, trying to make it as easy and safe as possible, so that it could be handled by disabled people. The experiment was successful, and over the course of a year, the entire production was entrusted to the social cooperative.

In 2008   the demand for another type of gaskets increases significantly. Also in this case, a special machine was developed and built so that it could be used by disabled people. The following year, a special optical device for testing, selecting and packaging gaskets was installed.

Today, Solidarietà e Servizi is fully integrated in our company's productive process and it manufactures different types of gaskets using special machines designed and built by Vito Rimoldi S.p.A., which is increasingly dealing with process engineering, control and monitoring, as well as production planning and logistics.