An innovative and sustainable production plant

Among the values ​​that define our company there are some referred to as sustainabilitythe environment and the community.

This means that in the development of activities and new projects, we always consider the impact that these can have on the environment, and we are committed to protecting the internal and external work conditions.

At our productive plant, the issue of energy efficiency, the use of renewable sources and the reduction and monitoring of consumption are addressed specifically in various ways.

Geothermal heating system

Our production plant located in Borsano (Busto Arsizio) has an internal surface of 5,000 m2 and is heated with a geothermal system.

The water is extracted from the aquifer at a depth of 60 meters, where the temperature is a constant 14-16 degrees. Water from the well is then poured into a storage tank that is buried in the ground. The heat pumps take the water, heat it up, and let it circulate under the floor. When the water cools down, the system automatically circulates it back into the ground.

When the factory was expanded in 2018, we improved the geothermal heating system, thanks to the installation of a machine that allows extraction of a greater quantity of water from the aquifer.

The entire process is monitored monthly because we must be compliant with all local codes and regulations regarding groundwater discharge.

The extracted water remains clean because it undergoes a heat exchange, and is returned to the ground through a recharge well: it is fully renewable energy.

No utility in the factory works with fossil fuels.


The tumbler water purifier

Tumbling is the finishing polishing process that is made to eliminate blanking defects in our metal products.

For tumbling, it is necessary to use ceramic materials, chemical components with low environmental impact and a lot of water. We designed a closed-loop tumbling process: from the tumblers, the water is collected in a large tank, and from there it is taken to be treated with specific filters which contain products that precipitate polluting elements. The water is stored in large tanks and is ready for re-use.

Thanks to this process, we save more than 300,000 liters of water per year.


Control and optimisation systems in the use of compressed air

An automatic air compressors management and control system has been introduced by our factory, (Air Manager) which, through its constant monitoring, optimises consumption.

The compressor started by the system is the one which gives greater guarantees of pressure stability, at the desired set point, with lower electricity consumption.

Furthermore, thanks to the installation of dedicated meters, we have the possibility of promptly intercepting any type of anomaly in the functioning of the system.

In order to further optimise consumption, air tanks have also been adopted which stabilise the pressure level inside the machines, making consumption more regular.

Consumption has been reduced by over 10% due to these interventions.


Led lights

Led lights have been installed in the new part of the factory and in some areas of the Legnano offices to replace neon lights.

This solution allows a 60% reduction in consumption on lighting costs.